Danish WW2 Pilots

Jørgen Preben Herner Petersen

(1920 - n.a. )

J. P. Herner Petersen is trained as pilot during the Second World War. He serves with the Royal Air Force as well as the Royal Norwegian Air Forces during the war. He is one of the last pilots in the air operationally in the No. 331 (Norwegian) Squadron.

J. P. Herner Petersen is born on 6 June 1920. At the outbreak of the Second World War he is working in England for the Danish Great Nordic Telegraph Company.

Nos. 1 and 331 (N) Squadron

He volunteers for and is trained as pilot in the Royal Air Force. I have no further information on the circumstances at this point.

His operational training takes place at No. 53 Operational Training Unit in the beginning of 1944. On 11 January 1944 he forgets to lover the landing gear during a landing at Hibaldstow in Spitfire Spitfire IIa (P8598).

On 7 April 1944 he is posted to No. 1 Sqn. as Sergeant. Also posted to this squadron this day is F/Lt. K. C. Pedersen, P/O Vagn Christensen and Sgt. E. F. Jacobsen.

In September 1944 J. P. Herner Petersen is posted to No. 331 (Norwegian) Sqn. I have not yet been able to trace the exact date, but the first operational mission in the squadron's ORB is flown on 4 September 1944. J. P. Herner Petersen follows the squadron as it moves across the Continent in the spring of 1945. On 21 April 1945 J. P. Herner Petersen is one of two pilots flying the last operational sortie of the squadron during the war. He then holds the rank of Second Lieutenant.

After the War

In August 1945 J. P. Herner Petersen joins the Danish Naval Air Service. On 1 August 1946 he is promoted to Flyverløjtnant af 1ste Grad af Reserven (Flying Officer) and he is further promoted to Flyverkaptajnløjtnant af Reserven (Lieutenant Captain) on 1 December 1947. He is incorporated in the Royal Danish Air Force when created in the early 1950's and he is promoted to Captain on 1 March 1953.

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