Danish WW2 Pilots

Anders Pedersen Kolding

(1907 - 1964)

Anders P. Kolding was one of the Danish volunteers in the Royal Canadian Air Force. The nature of his service is not known.

Anders Pedersen Kolding was born on 27 July 1907 in Lille Thorum north of Skive, to postal worker Søren Pedersen Kolding and Jensine Hedevig Kolding (née Jakobsen).[1] The family later moved to Rybjerg, where the father worked as a farmer. In 1929-30, and possibly for a longer period, he lived in Nykøbing Sjælland and worked as a dairy man at the local Billesborg dairy house.[2]

Kolding emigrated to Canada via England, leaving Liverpool for Montréal on the SS Duchess of Athol on 9 June 1939.[3] Kolding’s brother Erik had emigrated to Canada already and was naturalized in 1935.[4] His sister Bolette Larsen would follow with her husband and son during the 1940s.[5]

Kolding volunteered for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War, however at his point further information on his service is not available. He was naturalised on 12 April 1944, and was at that point a dairy supervisor in service of the Crown.[6]

Kolding was, tragically, run down by a car and killed min Ottawa in July 1964.[7]


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