Danish WW2 Pilots

LAC Eyvind Gunnar Bundgaard

(1904 - 1988)

LAC E. G. Bundgaard was one of the Danes serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. He is presumed to have been a mechanic, but few details are available on his service.

Eyvind Gunnar Bundgaard was born on 17 May 1904 in Hjørring, the son of Valdemar Sørensen Bundgaard and Olga Nicoline Bundgaard (née Nielsen).[1]

He arrived in Quebec from Liverpool on 23 July 1927 onboard the SS Albertic. He had worked as an electrician before leaving Denmark, but intended to earn a living as farm labour in Canada.[2]

Bundgaard enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war. At the end of the war, he held the rank of Leading Aircraftman (R. 260517).[3] There is no further information on his service at this point. He is presumed to have been a mechanic based on the fact that he was an electrician originally, and that his profession later on was mechanic.

Bundgaard married Elizabeth Harrison in the fall of 1945 in Leigh, Lancashire in England.[4] It is presumed, therefore, that he served overseas during the war. He was naturalised in Canada on 20 March 1951. He was then living in Camrose, Alberta, working as a mechanic.[5] Bundegaard died in Ontario, Canada in 1988.[6]


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