Danish WW2 Pilots

Sgt Erik Infeld (Gregers-Olsen)

(1923 - 2015)

Erik Infeld manages to escape from Denmark in 1941 in order to join the Norwegian forces in Canada, where he is trained as pilot. In early 1945 he is posted at No. 332 (Norwegian) Squadron in Holland and here sees the advance of the Allied Forces through Holland and Germany until the end of the war.

In 1941, Erik Infeld escapes from Denmark. Via Siberia he reaches United States from where he continues to Canada and the Norwegian Forces here.

Pilot training

In September 1941, he enlists in the Royal Norwegian Air Force under the presumed name Gregers-Olsen, and he commences training on 23 January 1943 at Flyvåpenes Treningsleir, F.T.L. (the Airforces Training Camp). The actual air training commences at 13 July 1943 he flies solo on Fairchild PT26 Cornell No. 157.

He continues to advances training at Camp Boden, Ontario, on Harvards from 20 October 1943 and supplementary training from 13 February 1944.

He ends his training in Canada in March/April 1944 and is transferred to England in May 1944 on S.S. ISLE DE FRANCE.

On 3 June 1944, he reports to the No. 5 Advanced Flying Unit, Tern Hill. Erik Infeld converts to Hawker Hurricane from 17 August 1944. From 10 November 1944 to 5 February 1945, he is posted at No. 57 Operational Training Unit, R.A.F. Station Eshott receiving the final training and converting to Spitfire.

Posted at 332 (N) Sqn

On 6 February 1945, Erik Infeld arrives at No. 332 (N) Squadron at B.79 Woensdrecht in Holland. On 13 February 1945 he flies his first operational sortie; an armed reconnaissance mission over Germany in Spitfire IX (PT936 AH-L).

He follows the allied advance in the last months of the war including the crossing of the Rhine from 23 March 1945. The squadron advances from B.79 Woensdrecht to B.85 Schijndel on 21 February 1945 and to B.106 Hengelo on 18 April 1945 just before being withdrawn to North Weald.

On 21 April 1945 Erik Infeld is one of two pilots carrying out the last operational sortie of No. 332 Squadron in the war. They take off at 1900 hrs. from B.106 on a armed reconnaissance mission returning at 2030 hrs.

Erik Infeld completes 59 operational sorties during the 10 weeks at the squadron in Holland.

He returns to England as does the rest of the squadron at on 19 May 1945 he arrives in Norway. He is dismissed from the Norwegian Air Forces on 27 September 1945.

After the War

Erik Infeld returns to Denmark and in the fall of 1945 he is attached to the Kontoret for Luftmilitære Sager (the office of air force affairs).

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