Danish WW2 Pilots

Preben Ernst Ipsen

(1914 - 2000)

Preben Ernst Ipsen is in service in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

I have little information on his service. He is mentioned in dispatches (MiD) on 8 June 1945 and in 16 February 1959, the London Gazette states that he is Flight Lieutenant, but does not retain rank.

In the rebuilding of the Danish air forces in 1945, Preben Ipsen, then Flying Officer, is instructor at a RAF flying course for Danish pilots at RAF Station Spitalgate. In the beginning of 1946 he functions as interpreter for a number of Danish ground personnel on a course at No. 12 School of Technical Training, Melkham.

Falck Flyvetjeneste

In 1957, he ferries am Aero Commander 560 (OY-AND) from United States, over Greenland, Island and Norway to Denmark. The aircraft is to be part of the fleet of Falck Flyvetjeneste A/S providing ambulance, newspaper delivery and charter operations since 1947 and is a subsidiary of the Danish salvage company Falcks Redningskorpset. In the 1960s he becomes managing director of this company.

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