Danish WW2 Pilots

Carl Knut Kalmberg

(1913 - 1940)

Carl Knut Kalmberg was born on 12 January 1913 in Vladivostock, Russia. He is the son of Carl Christian Kalmberg (1866-1966), station manager in the Great Nordic Telegraph Company, and Dagmer Oline Hansen Kalberg (b. Jensen) (1879-1966)

Joining the Naval Air Service

Knut Kalmberg joins the Danish Navy as Cadet in 1933. On 25 September 1937, he is appointed Søløjtnant af 2den Grad (2nd Lieutenant). He is trained as observator in the Naval Air Service in October to December 1937.

In January to March 1938, he is onboard the inspection shop ABSALON, but he soon returns to aerial service.

In March to November 1938, he is trained as pilot (pilot's certificate 88/38) and from 5 November 1938 to 4 January 1940 he is posted at the 2den Luftflotille (2nd air flotilla) as pilot.

Finnish Air Force

He applies for permissision to volunteer for the Finnish Air Force in late 1939. Rejected Knut Kalmberg and his friend Jørn Juul Ulrich deserts to fight in the Winter War (Pontoppidan, 1984).

On 12 February 1940, he shoots down a Tupolev SB-2 south east of Liomola. The next day, tragically, he is killed in combat in his Gloster Gladiator ('GL-260') (Ritaranta, 1979).