Danish WW2 Pilots

Poul B. Christensen

(1916 - n.a. )

Poul B. Christensen is one of the Danish pilots who volunteer for the Winter War in Finland in 1939-40.

Poul B. Christensen is born on 2 May 1916. He joins the Army before the Second World War. He is trained as pilot and gets his wings in 1938 (pilot's certificate 231/38). He is appointed Sekondløjtnant (2nd Lieutenant) on 9 October 1936. [1]

Volunteers for the Finnish Air Force

When Finland enters the Winter War in November 1939, he volunteers for the Finnish Air Force.

He was attached to T-LentoR 2 (Supplement Flying Regiment 2) and later to 1./LLv.26 (Flying Squadron 26). On 19 February 1940, he shares a victory, a Polikarpov I-153, with a Finnish pilot. On 29 February 1940, he has a probable victory; a Polikarkov I-16 at Vuoksenniska. Later that same day, he takes part in the largest aerial battle of the war. His Gloster Gladiator ('GL-261') is hit and breaks into fire over the town of Ruodalahti. Poul B. Christensen bails out but is badly burned. [2]

He is awarded The Cross of Liberty, 4th class, and the Winter War Commemorative Medal. [3]


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