Danish WW2 Pilots

Jørgen Lauritsen

(1913 - 1944)

Jørgen Lauritsen is born on 11 October 1913. Before the war he joins the Danish Naval Air Service and is trained as pilot. He is appointed Flyverløjtnant af 2den Grad (Pilot Officer) on 21 December 1935. He is further promoted Flyverløjtnant af 1ste Grad (Flying Officer) on 1 January 1938. [1]

In 1944-45, a Danish air force is set op in Sweden as part of DANFORCE, the Danish Brigade in Sweden. Jørgen Lauritzen is one of the pilots training in Sweden. [2]

On 14 September 1944, Jørgen Lauritsen becomes the only Danish casualty in Sweden, when a B-3 bomber (a Junker JU86) from Flygflottilj F-1 crashes in Värmland. [3]


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