Danish WW2 Pilots

FS Laurits Peder Christian Olesen

(1904 - 1990)

Laurits Peder Christian Olesen is born on 2 October 1904 in Brovst, Denmark. He is the son of merchant Christen Olesen and Amanda Olesen (née Isager) [1]

He enlists for the Royal Australian Air Force on 30 August 1940 in Melbourne. He is then living in St. Kilda. He is discharged on 23 October 1945 at which point he is attached to Signals School, Point Cook, holding the rank of Flight Sergeant. [2]

Lauritis Peder Christian Olesen applies for naturalization in 1947. He is recorded as Lauritis P C Olsen, not Laurits Olesen in some Australian records. [3]


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