Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS249 (AH-R)




10:45 -12:10


Circus 274. At 1045 hours, 12 aircraft of this Squadron, led by W/Cdr. P.G.Jameson D.F.C., took off from North Weald together with 331(N) Squadron to act as first fighter echelon under Appledore Control in Circus 274 (Roadstead). Course was set for Lympne, but halfway there W/Cdr. had to return owing to R/T trouble. Major F. Thorsager took over and led the Wing throughout the operation. The English coast was crossed at 8,000 feet and course was set for Hardelot, where the coast was crossed at 20-21,000 feet. Course was then set at 90-93 degrees with 331(N) Squadron slightly above. When over St. Omer, the Wing turned to port and the French coast was, soon after, crossed out between Gravelines and Calais at 23,000 feet. When a few miles off Calais, the Controller reported aircraft to the West at 25,000 feet, but after a climbing turn to port, no aircraft were seen. In mid-channel, e/a wre reported over Cap Gris Nez and the Wing made a wide orbit which brought it within a few miles of the French coast. The Controller told the Wing that it was in a bad position and suggested the Wing returned to base. As nothing was seen, course was set for base and the Squadron had landed safely by 1210 hours, having crossed the English coast at N.Foreland. The weather conditions over France were - 10/10ths cloud at 8,000 feet with very few gaps. These clouds prevented the bombers from finding the target and no bombing was carried out. No enemy aircraft or shipping was seen and no flak experienced.


AIR 27/1728


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