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Danes enlisting for USAAF service (17 Apr 10)

A large number of especially young Danish born men entered air service via the United States. Many of these were sailors having left Denmark before the German occupation. Most of these men volunteered for the Norwegian forces training in Camp Little Norway in Canada, but some enlisted in the USAAF.

Different Paths of Danish Naval Air Service Pilots during the Second World War (05 Feb 10)

In 1943 the pilot and author Clauson Kaas publishes a book entitled Danish aviators in the air. An appendix lists all then trained army and navy pilots. During the period 1935-1939 a total of 26 pilots are trained in the small Danish navy air service. I have been looking into the path taken by these pilots during the following years.

Danish Presentation Spitfires at War (26 Jan 10)

During the Second World War not only Danish men and women were in the air. Free Danes abroad donated £ 40,113 for a number of Spitfires flown by Danish pilots in Royal Air Force squadrons.

Danish born servicemen in the Royal Australian Air Force (10 Oct 09)

About three years ago I carried out a search on the World War 2 Nominal Roll website (of Australia) finding 38 individuals born in Denmark who served in the Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War. Ever since I have been researching these individuals trying to find out how many of these who were in fact still Danish when the enlisted in the Australian forces.

Non-Danish "Danish" Aircrew (06 Jul 08)

During the course of my research on Danish pilots and aircrew I have come across a number of people who turned out not to meet the criteria to be included on this site as Danish. Some of these people are mentioned as Danish by other sources, others have been researched because they hold Danish names.

Danish Volunteer Pilots in Malaysia (01 Jul 08)

A small number of Danes working in the plantation industry in Malaysia in the 1930s volunteers in 1940-41 for the Malayan Volunteer Air Force – a small force that support the allied forces in South-East Asia during the 1941-42 campaign.

No. 234 Squadron - A 'Danish' Squadron (12 May 08)

During the Second World War, a large number of Danish pilots were in British or Norwegian air service. Though many were accepted in one of the Norwegian squadron, 234 (Madras Presidency) Squadron is by far the most 'Danish' of all squadrons of (or associated to) the Royal Air Force. In all nine Danish pilots and three Spitfires is in 234 service.

Kaj Birksted's Wingco Spitfires (20 Jan 08)

Kaj Birksted becomes Wing Commander (flying) of the North Weald Wing on 1 August 1943. As Wing Commander he had the privilege to carry his initials as identity code on his aircraft. He is believed to have had three Spitfires carrying "KB" on the fuselage. This article is an attempt to compile information on these aircraft - at the time being with a focus on the first.

Ambulance donated to the R.N.Z.A.F. by the Danish Association in New Zealand (19 Sep 07)

During the Second World War an ambulance was donated to the R.N.Z.A.F. by the Danish Association in New Zealand. A number of photographs in the collection of the Royal Danish Library document the event, but I have no other information.

B.160 Copenhagen/Kastrup - The Summer of 1945 (12 Dec 06)

Group Captain John Edgar "Johnnie" Johnson, top-scoring fighter ace in the European theatre, begins and ends his best-selling memories, "Wing Leader", in Copenhagen. This is due to the fact that he is the commanding officer of B.160 Copenhagen/Kastrup in May-June 1945. But it is not only the presence of this well-known pilot that makes the airport an interesting place.

Danish Volunteers in the Winter War (16 Oct 06)

The Soviet Union attacked Finland on 30 November 1939. People all over the world were appalled by the aggression. To many Danes it was an inexcusable attack on a neutral country and a sister nation.

Danish Officers in Luftwaffe Service (16 Oct 06)

Compared to the number of Danes who volunteered for Waffen-SS, a rather small number of Danish military and navy pilots joined the Luftwaffe. In all seven Danish officers volunteered, were accepted, and trained in the Luftwaffe. Of these six were trained