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Danish WW2 Pilots

FS Erik Flohr Jacobsen


1 Sqn


Spitfire IX L.F. , MK901




20:45 -22:05


12 Spits IX LF LR, 5 of No. 1 and 6 of 165, led by W/C Smallwood served as close escort to Beaufighters R.P.s detailed to attack convoy between Brest and Ushant. Wing took off at 20.45 rendezvousing according to plan with Beaufighters at the Lizard. White section, 2 a/c, returned to base at 21.25 owing White 1 oil on windscreen. Formation arrived N.W. Ushant at 21.17, turned to 120° wing leader called up and said convoy at 10 o'clock. Tried to communicate without success with Beaufighters who turned S. almost to Brest and then northwards R.P.s splitting from anti-flak. R.P.s went to convoy but did not attack. Spit wing escorted them back to English coast. Heavy and light intense flak from convoy was directed at the Beaufighters. Position of convoy at time was 8 miles N.E. Ushant.


AIR 27/4


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