Danish WW2 Pilots

Plt Off. Harald Roy Andersen


156 Sqn


Lancaster B III , ED734 (GT-)


14.04.43 / 15.04.43


21:40 - 03:50


Task STUTTGART. With red T.I. in bombsight bombed at 0046 hrs from 13,000 ft. T.I. seen to burst, but not bomb, and it was too early to seen the results of any other bombing. Moderate heavy predicted flak, with some semi flashless flak. No S/L's were seen. 2 A/C was seen shot down in flames between MANHEIM and KARLSRUHE, one of the were a STIRLING attacked by two ME 210s, and was seen to crash and explode. The ME was last seen in a vertical dive. One photo attempted. Bomb load 2 x T.I. yellow, 3 x T.I. green, 4 x T.I. green, L.B. 3 x 4 flares white, 1 x 4,000 HC.


  1. W/O Andersen, H.R.
  2. P/O Bordycott, K.W.
  3. P/O Smith, F.
  4. Sgt Brougham-Faddy, P.L.
  5. Sgt. McCarthy, T.V.
  6. Sgt. Stephens, J.T.
  7. Sgt. Love, W.J.


AIR 27/1041


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