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Danish WW2 Pilots

Plt Off. Harald Roy Andersen


156 Sqn


Lancaster B I , W4845 (GT-)


27.03.43 / 28.03.43


20:05 -03:10


Task BERLIN. Fair visibility, som ground haze. Bombed at 2359 hrs from 18000 ft., by red and green flares and built up area. Flares sere seen in bombsight but bomb bursts were not seen. Moderate amount of light and heavy flak in target area working with S/L cones. A/C seen hit by flak and blow up over target, and green T.I. flares were seen to fall from A/C. One photo attempted. Bomb load:- 6 x T.I. Green, 1 x T.I. Yellow, 1 x 4,000 HC, 1 x 500 L.D.


  1. W/O Andersen, H.R.
  2. P/O Bordycott, K.W.
  3. P/O Smith, F.
  4. Sgt Brougham-Faddy, P.L.
  5. F/S Paterson, F.W.
  6. Sgt. Stephens, J.T.
  7. Sgt. Curtis, J.R.


AIR 27/1041


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