Danish WW2 Pilots

Sgt Arne Johnny Langhoff Bøge


332 Sqn


Spitfire IXc , BS248 (AH-O)




10:35 -12:00


Rodeo 247. The Wing was to act as Cover for the Hornchurch Wing on this operation. This Squadron, led by Capt. From R., took off together with 331 (N) Squadron. Major H, Mehre, D.F.C., flying with the latter was leading the Wing. Rendevous was made at Southend with the Hornchurch Wing and the formation climbed up trough clouds to the French coast. There was 10/10 cloud was over the whole area from 8-12,000 feet and the Wing flew above cloud without seeing the ground at all. The Wing made a sweep over France climbing to 23,000 feet and heavy accurate flak was experienced through the clouds from the Ostende area. The Wing was vectored back across the Channel and told to come down through cloud when over this country. The Squadron landed at North Weald without further incident. Some e/a were reported far behind the Wing, but none were seen and it was impossible to see any shipping. One of our returned early owing to jettison tank trouble. Weather: - 10/10 cloud over the Channel and area of operation from 8-12,000 feet.


AIR 27/1728


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