Danish WW2 Pilots

Sgt Arne Johnny Langhoff Bøge


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BR630




19:10 -20:40


Rodeo 241. The Wing was acting as a Fighter Sweep on this operation. This Squadron took off together with 331 (N) Squadron - Major H. Mehre, D.F.C., was leading the Wing. When 15 miles off the French coast, e/a were reported climbing South of Abbeville. The wing crossed the coast near Cayeux at 30,000 feet at 1939 hours and searched the Abbeville area, but only Spitfires were seen, so the Wing went on to the Poix area, turned N.E., and just before crossing the coast West of Cayeux, unidentified a/c were seen against cloud to S.E. aprox. 3,000 ft. above and 15-20 miles away. The Wing climbed into sun. Bogeys also climbed and remained above, and to far away to be recognised. Weather: 4/10 cloud in French coastal areas increasing 10/10 in layers up to 4,000 inland.


AIR 27/1728


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