Danish WW2 Pilots

Sgt Arne Johnny Langhoff Bøge


332 Sqn


Spitfire IXc , BS248 (AH-O)




09:50 -11:20


Rodeo 240. This Squadron led by Major H. Mehre, D.F.C., who was also leading the Wing, took off together with 331 (N) Squadron to act as 2nd Fighter Sweep on this operation. The Wing flew on the deck for a while before climbing. After climbing for 10 minutes, Hardelot was passed at 1200 hours at 20,000 feet. The Wing sweept Bethune to Bailleux and e/a where then reported South East of Wing flying North. A turn to starboard was made but no e/a seen, so the Wing turned North, and swept Ypres to Blankenberghe. A starboard orbit was made East of Bruges, then on to Dixmude and Furnes crossing the coast just East of Dunkirk at 1050 hours and returned to base. Heights varied from 24-28,000 feet. 20-30 bursts of heavy flak was observed 300 feet below in the Boulogne area. Weather: Calais to Somme estuary - clear. Calais to Dunkirk and inland 4/10 cloud increasing to 10/10 in East. Some high clouds at 30,000 feet apparently increasing.


AIR 27/1728


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