Danish WW2 Pilots

Fg Off. Otto Hjalmar Antoft


190 Sqn


Stirling Mk. IV , LJ943




13:43 -


Ten aircraft took off between 1200 hrs and 13.30 hrs for Arnhem for resupply of 1st Airborne Division. They were carrying 240 containers and 40 panniers. Aircraft encountered heavy flak and fighter opposition and only three aircraft were successful, the remaining seven were either brought down by fighters or flak and those aircraft that did return were damaged.

F/O Siegert who successfully completed his mission was attacked by two F.W.190 over the D.Z. Howewer by diving down to ground level he was eventually successful in evading the fighters, though not without damage to his aircraft and in addition W/O Thomas the WOP and one dispatcher was wounded. Meanwhile the rear Gunner F/S Welton kept ip a steady fire at E/A and one of these were claimed as shot down.

Of those unsuccessful W/C Harrison, F/O Hay, F/S Herger are definitively missing and there is no news. It is presumed that they were shot down by fighters.

F/O Bebarfald's aircraft was badly holed by flak over Elst. The load was jettisoned and the aircraft was then attacked by six M.E. 109. The aircraft caught fire and started to desintegrate and the order to bale out was given. The WOP. F/L Munro and the rear Gunner W/O Morris were the only members of the crew successful in baling out. They were given shelter in a village and eventually reached British lines. The remainder of the crew were killed and buried by the local inhabitants. W/O Morris claimed to have hit one M.E. 109 and set it on fire.

F/O Pascoe was hit by flak over the D.Z. and his rudder controls were severed and the port wing caught fire. Although the aircraft was almost out of control he managed to bring off a successful belly landing behind friendly lines. The aircraft was a complete write off.

F/Lt. Anderson. His aircraft was hit by flak and then attacked by enemy fighters. Aircraft caught fire and F/L Anderson ditched the aircraft in the WAAL River. The aircraft broke up. The Flight Engineer (Sgt. Smith) and the Bomb Aimer (F/S Orange) got into the dinghy and were helped to the river bank by Dutchmen. It is believed that the reminder of the crew were drowned.

F/O Farren. His aircraft was hit by flak over the D.Z. The Rear turret was damaged. The aircraft was then attacked by 3 enemy aircraft and the order was given to bale out. It is believed that the Bomb Aimer and the WOP were killed. The Engineer (F/S Stone) and the Gunner (F/S Browne) were taken to the hospital. The Nav. F/S Ross who was unhurt returned to base. F/O Farren who remained in the aircraft when it crashed was thrown through the windscreen and was taken to the hospital with back injuries.

  1. CAN, F/S Herger, R. B., Pilot
  2. CAN, F/O Antoft, O.H., Nav.
  3. CAN, F/O. MacDonnell, J.K., A/B
  4. CAN, F/S. Whitlock, L.I., W/Op.
  5. Sgt. Hillyard, L.G. F/E
  6. CAN, F/S. Thomas, J.C., A.G.
  7. F/O Thornington


AIR 27/1154


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