Danish WW2 Pilots

Fg Off. Otto Hjalmar Antoft


190 Sqn


Stirling Mk. IV




13:05 -17:55


16 Stirlings took off at 1300 hrs to drop 384 Containers and 64 Panniers in the Arnhem area. Very heavy flak was encountered and many aircraft returned damaged. W/O Pelletier WOP in F/O Pascoes crew was wounded in the schoulder also one despatcher.

F/S Coeshott did not return and there was no news of his aircraft.

S/L Gilliard failed to return. Whilst over the D.Z. his aircraft was hit by two shells severing the controls. The order to bail out was given and S/L Bantoft who was Second Pilot - F/O Cullen, Bomb Aimer and F/O Lawton, Navigator, the F/E F/S Byrne & 1 Despatcher baled out. It is thought that the WOP. F/O Lane baled out but no confirmation. It is believed that S/L Gilliard did not bale out and that F/O McEven was also probably lost. F/O Cullen and F/O Lawton landed behind enemy lines and eventually reached Britain. F/S Byrne was seen in Arnhem hospital by F/O Cullen and is believed to be a prisoner of war.

  1. CAN, F/S Herger, R. B., Pilot
  2. F/O Thornington, 2/Pilot
  3. CAN, F/O Antoft, O.H., Nav.
  4. CAN, F/O. MacDonnell, J.K., A/B
  5. CAN, F/S. Whitlock, L.I., W/Op.
  6. Sgt. Hillyard, L.G. F/E
  7. CAN, F/S. Thomas, J.C., A.G.


AIR 27/1154


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