Danish WW2 Pilots

Fg Off. Otto Hjalmar Antoft


190 Sqn


Stirling Mk. IV




10:45 -15:35


25 aircraft took off at approximately 10.15 hrs for the Arnhem area of Holland. 6 of the aircraft acted as Path Finders and they carried 97 troops. The remaining 19 aircraft were towing gliders which contained 130 troops, 17 jeeps, 7 light and one heavy Motor cycle, 17 trailers - 7 guns and one bicycle. All successfully carried out their sorties with the exeption of P/O Middleton who had to return to base as his glider cast off at South Cerney. Certain amount of flak encountered. F/L Anderson had his tailed holed - and S/L Gibb received damage to his tail plane. Enemy flak positions were well beaten up by our own fighters.

  1. CAN, F/S Herger, R. B., Pilot
  2. CAN, F/O Antoft, O.H., Nav.
  3. CAN, F/O. MacDonnell, J.K., A/B
  4. CAN, F/S. Whitlock, L.I., W/Op.
  5. Sgt. Hillyard, L.G. F/E
  6. CAN, F/S. Thomas, J.C., A.G.


AIR 27/1154


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