Danish WW2 Pilots

Fg Off. Otto Hjalmar Antoft


190 Sqn


Stirling Mk. IV , LJ823




22:30 -04:45


13 Aircraft took off between 2230 and 2355 hrs. for Occupied French Territory. Ten aircraft carried 210 containers and 24 Panniers whilst three aircraft carried H.E. Bombs and incendieries. Only two aircraft carrying containers and panniers were successful. The remaining eight encountered very foul weather and found their D.Z.'s obscured by low cloud. P/O Pascoe had a failure of inner starboard engine, but all aircraft returned safely.

Of the three aircraft detailed for the Special Bombing operation W/Cdr. Harrison and S/Ldr. Gilliard were successful but P/O. Sutherland could not locate the target in poor visibility and jetttisoned his load in the sea.

  1. CAN, F/S Herger, R. B., Pilot
  2. CAN, F/O Antoft, O.H., Nav.
  3. CAN, F/S. Whitlock, L.I., W/Op.
  4. CAN, F/O. MacDonnell, J.K., A/B
  5. Sgt. Ross, A.M., F/E
  6. CAN, F/S. Thomas, V.C., A.G.


AIR 27/1154


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