Danish WW2 Pilots

Fg Off. Otto Hjalmar Antoft


190 Sqn


Stirling Mk. IV , LJ824


20.07.44 / 21.07.44


23:05 -05:00


18 aircraft were despatched with 432 Containers, 17 Packages - 2 package of nickels. 9 aircraft (plus one that nickels only) dropped 216 containers, 9 packages, 1 package of nickels. The weather conditions were very bad but all aircraft located their D.Z. and the nine aircraft that failed to drop did so as a result of wrong reception or none at all.

  1. CAN, F/S Herger, R. B., Pilot
  2. CAN, F/O Antoft, O.H., Nav.
  3. CAN, F/O. MacDonnell, J.K., A/B
  4. CAN, F/S. Whitllock, L.I., WOP/Air.
  5. F/S. Hilliard, L.G., F/E
  6. CAN, F/S. Thomas, V.C., A.G.


AIR 27/1154


Operation S.O.E. Eighteen aircraft took off for France at approximately 23.30 hrs. to drop containers. They all returned to base safely having been airborne for approximately 6 hrs. Weather and other causes prevented the operation from being 100% successf

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