Danish WW2 Pilots

Sjt Leif Olsen

(1919 - 1946)

Leif Olsen volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Forces during the Second World War.

Leif Olsen is born on 7 August 1919 in Himmelev, Denmark. He is the son of stable master Olse Olsen and Alvilda Kristine Olsen (née Hansen). During the Second World War he volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force in Canada. My documents suggest that he escapes Denmark during the war, but I have not yet been able to confirm that. [1]

Trained in Little Norway

On 10 March 1944 he arrives in New York on-board SS PASTEUR in company with other members of the Royal Norwegian Air Force. It is not clear to me, whether this is prior to his training or during his training. It is clear though that he is trained as pilot in Little Norway, Ontario, and in Hagersville. [2]

Into Action

According to an article in the Hamilton Standard at the time of his death, Leif Olsen went into action three months before VE-day, i.e. in February 1945 and he returned to Denmark in December 1945. I have not been able to confirm this in the Operational Record Books of the Norwegian squadrons.

Killed in a Flying Accident

In August 1946, presumably the 21st, Leif Olsen is killed in a flying accident leaving behind a Canadian fiancé. [3]


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