Danish WW2 Pilots

Svend Verner Steffensen Andersen

(1907 - n.a. )

Svend Andersen lived in Brazil at the outbreak of war, but travelled to England from Brazil in 1940 to join the RAF.

Svend Verner Steffensen Andersen was born on 22 November 1907 in Copenhagen, the son of Ole Steffensen Andersen and Anna Kristine Andersen (née Olesen).[1]

Andersen lived in Brazil before the war, but travelled to the United Kingdom in 1940 to volunteer for the Royal Air Force.[2]

In Royal Air Force service

Andersen volunteered for the Royal Air Force in Penarth near Cardiff in 1942 (1830524).[3] He served as groundcrew, and, in late 1942, he was stationed in or near Blackpool in Lancashire with the rank of Aircraftman 2nd Class.[4]

Andersen returned to Brazil after the war.[5]


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