Danish WW2 Pilots

Ernest Walter Muscroft Jakobsen

(1925 - 1993)

E. W. Muscroft Jakobsen served as a welfare officer in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Ernest Walter Muscroft Jakobsen was born on 24 February 1925 in Hornbæk. He was adopted by fisher Jakob Haaber Jakobsen and Doris May Jakobsen (née Muscroft).[1] Jakobsen’s father died in March 1934, when the fishing vessel FV Metha sank near Wick in Scotland.[2] Jakobsen went to the United Kingdom at some point.

During the Second World War he enlisted in the Royal Air Force in Padgate (2204862). The exact date is not known, but the service number indicates late 1942 or in 1943.[3] He served as a welfare officer.[4]

Jakobsen was naturalised as a British subject on 8 February 1943.[5]


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