Danish WW2 Pilots

Hans Eigil Heyman

(1925 - )

Hans Eigil Heyman was born in Copenhagen, but moved to England at an early age. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force in 1943 and was trained as pilot.

Hans Elgil Heyman was born on 24 March 1925 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the son of managing director Erik Heyman and Rita Heyman (née Meyer).[1]

Heyman was born into an important Danish industrialist family. His great-grandfather of one of the great industrialists of the time, Philip W. Heyman, who among other business ventures was one of the founders and later managing director of the Tuborg brewery. Heyman’s father joined the family company in 1914 and, apart from two years in Havana, Cuba, and New York in 1915-17, he worked for the company until 1927. He became the managing director of the company Dansk Malga in 1928, and the following year the family moved to London as he became the managing director of Malga (London) Ltd.[2]

Heyman was educated at Aldersham School in Hertfordshire, England from 1939 to 1943.[3]

Heyman volunteered for the Royal Air Force in 1943. (1891717).[4] He was trained as pilot.[5] There is very little information on his service.


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