Danish WW2 Pilots

Carl Clifford Bøggild

(1922 - 2019)

Carl C Bøggild is born on 22 November 1922 in Randers, Denmark. He is the son of Hans and Esther Bøggild (nee Fjerdingstad). The parents are married in St. Martin, London, in 1919. He arrives in Canada with his family on 17 November 1928, and becomes naturalised British subject on 18 June 1934 (34302 B) [1]

He volunteers for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War and is trained as navigator (J.22440). [2] At some point he is posted to No. 115 Squadron.

On 27 August 1943 he is the navigator of F/L G L Mott's crew on operation to Nürnberg. The crew takes off from Little Snoring at 2143 in Lancaster II (DS659, KO-T). The aircraft is shot down by a Me 109 in the target area. The pilot, F/L Guy Leslie Mott (88428, RAFVR) and W/O Sgt Jack Kemm (1315685, RAFVR) are killed in the crash. The rest of the crew; Sgt L R A G Carpenter (529488), Bøggild, F/O W Blades (134696), Sgt T Buchak (R/178563, RCAF) and Sgt P J O'Neill (R/164698, RCAF) are captured as prisoner of war. [3]

Carl Bøggild becomes prisoner of war in Stalag Luft III (1635). [4]

He holds the rank of Flight Lieutenant. [5]

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