Danish WW2 Pilots

Cpl Helga Søndergaard Jensen

(1909 - 2010)

Helga Søndergaard Jensen was one of the Danish women who served in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during the Second World War. She had gone to England in 1938.

Helga Søndergaard Jensen was born on 12 January 1909 in Bonderup Mark, Haverslev Sogn, the daughter of Jens Jensen and Ane Katrine (née Jensen.[1] She was the cousin of Asta Jensen (married Carter), who also served in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during the war.

Jensen and her cousin had travelled to Britain in 1938, Asta, to better their English. They had not intended on staying in Britain, but were unable to return to Denmark because of the outbreak of war.

Jensen volunteered for the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force on 30 July 1941 and was employed on administrative duties during her service (2003156). She served at RAF Mount Batten, where she used to plot the positions of flying boats. This was at the time of the Luftwaffe bombing of Plymouth—the Plymouth Blitz—and the WAAFs spent the nights at Newton Ferrers to protect them from the Luftwaffe bombing. She later served at 3 WAAF Depot at Morecombe before being discharged on compassionate grounds—she was pregnant with her daughter—on 20 August 1942.[2]


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