Danish WW2 Pilots

Flt Lt Poul Henrichsen

(1915 - 1945)

Paul Henrichsen joins No. 332 (Norwegian) Squadron late in the war, but is commissioned as early as in 1942.

Paul Henrichsen is born on 3 July 1915.

Volunteers for the Royal Air Force

While the circumstances are unknown to me, he volunteers for the Royal Air Force.

On 12 September 1942 he is promoted from Leading Aircraftman to Pilot Officer and on 12 March 1943 he is promoted to Flying Officer.

I have not yet been able to trace his posting at this point in the war, but at some point he is transferred to No. 332 (Norwegian) Squadron.

On 13 February 1945, he is on his first of 14 missions for No. 332 Squadron. The squadron is carrying out patrols and armed recco missions from B.85 Schijndel in Holland.

The Last Mission

On 1 March 1945 at 0715 he takes of from Schijndel in his Spitfire IX (MK720, 'AH-D'). The target is trains and vehicles in the area. Paul Henrichsen's aircraft is hit by flak. The Operational Record Book records the following:

After a rainy morning and early part of the afternoon the weather cleared and the Squadron made 16 individual sorties. The results was very good indeed (...) - Today again the intense flak took its toll, and our F/Lt. Henrichsen failed to return. He was last seen surrounded by flak bursts, as he pulled up from the target, and was heard to report on the R/T that he was hit. However, being at 4.000 feet and judging from his calm voice when reporting his mishape, there is good reason to believe that he may have succeeded in bailing out.

It is not known whether Paul Henrichsen manage to bail out or not. He is killed in the crash.

Paul Henrichsen is buried at the Reichwald Forest War Cemetery in Kleve, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (Ancker, 2001; London Gazette; AIR 27/1729; Henk Welting).