Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Georg Frans Lasson Hemicke

(1915 - 1966)

Georg Frans Lasson Hemicke was at sea at the outbreak of war. One can say that he stayed close to the sea throughout the war as navigator in No. 330 (Norwegian) Squadron.

Georg Frans Lasson Hemicke is born on 23 May 1915. He is trained as wireless operator before the war.

Joining the Royal Norwegian Air Force

At the outbreak of war he is at sea, but in late 1940 or early 1941 he volunteers for the Royal Norwegian Airforce in camp "Little Norway" in Canada. He is trained as Navigator.

He is posted at No. 330 (Norwegian) Squadron. The first operational sortie, I have been able to trace in the squadron operational record book is on 14 June 1942. Northrop N3PB ('D/330') is taking off from Reykjavik at 1310 hrs. with G F L Hemicke as observer.

On 29 July 1942 he arrives at Akureyri on Iceland on board Catalina 'Y-330' where the squadron's 'B' flight is posted. On 30 July 1942 he participates in the first operation when Lieutenant Diesen's crew takes off in Catalina 'Y-330' on A/S Patrol. G F L Hemicke is observer.

In early 1943 he is part of the RNAF Detachment at Budareyri on Northrop N3PBs and later at RAF Station Oban in Scotland on Sunderlands.

Hemicke's first operational sortie on Sunderlands from Oban is recorded on 2 May 1943 as navigator of Captain Buer's crew.

In March 1944, Hemicke is transfered to Canada, arriving in New York on the 10th, on-board SS Pasteur. In the passenger record his last permanent address is recorded as the Shetland Islands. This corresponds with the fact that Lt. Buer, captain of Hemicke's crew, is transferred to HQ RNAF in early February 1944. I have reason to believe, but no documentation, that Hemicke is transferred from No. 333 (N) Squadron at this time as well. A number of RNAF personnel are on-board the SS Pasteur on this crossing of the Atlantic. Among them is also Danish pilot Leif Olsen. On 8 June 1944 arrives in New York once more by air from Prestwick, Scotland; once more on his way to Canada. His occupation is then recorded as navigator in RAF Transport Command . This means that he must have crossed the Atlantic at some point between March and June, but I have no record on that.

According to Ancker (2001), he is posted to Flyvåpnenes Fælles Kommando (the joint command of the norwegian airforces) on 17 October 1944.

After the liberation

At the end of the war Georg Frans Lasson Hemicke joins the Danish Naval Air Service and he later joins the newly formed Royal Danish Air Force.