Danish WW2 Pilots

ACW1 Karen Margrethe Østergaard

(1920 - 1978)

Karen Margrethe Østergaard is a Danish born woman who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force that I have been able to track. She serves from 1942 to 1944.

Karen Margrethe Østergaard is born on 27 May 1920 in Bindslev, Denmark. She is the daughter of Christian Christensen and Birgitte Marie Østergaard (née Larsen). [1]

She enlists in the Royal Canadian Air Force in Halifax on 23 July 1942 for general duties with the rank of Aircraftwoman 2nd Class (W.305171). On 29 August 1942 she is posted to No. 2 SF. She is promoted to Aircraftwoman 1st Class on 30 October 1942. On 30 January 1943 she is promoted to Leading Aircraftwoman.

She is briefly posted to No. 1 "Y" Depot, Halifax, on 21 August 1943, but proceeds to Newfoundland on 1 September 1943.

On 7 May 1944 she is posted to RCAF Eastern Air Command. She is degraded to Aircraftwoman 1st Class and her trade changed to telephone operator.

She is discharged on 14 August 1944. [2]


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