Danish WW2 Pilots

A/Sgt Edlef Petersen

(1906 - 1994)

Edlef Petersen is one of the Danish men who volunteer for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Following VE-day he is transferred to Europe as translator. It seems likely that he was posted to Denmark.

Edlef Petersen is born on 3 March 1906 in Bjolderup, Aabenraa County which was part of Germany until the re-unification in 1921. He is the son of Jürgen Petersen. [1]

He enlists in the Royal Canadian Air Force on 20 September 1943 in Montréal and is posted to No. 5 Manning Depot, Lachine with the rank of Aircraftman 2nd Class (R.273235). On 2 October 1943 he is posted to No. 12 Equipment Depot, Montréal, but returns to No. 5 Manning Depot on 9 November 1943.

On 20 December 1943 he is re-classified to Aircraftman 1st Class and on 31 December 1943 he is posted to No. 1 Y Depot, Lachine. On 28 April he is re-classified as Acting Sergeant. He is posted to No. 2 Release Centre on 25 October 1944 and further to RCAF Station Lachine on 11 December 1945.

Towards the very end of the war in Europe, on 28 April 1945, he is re-classified as interpreter and posted to No. 1 Y Depot. He arrives in United Kingdom on 18 May 1945.

He is repatriated to Canada on 17 July 1946 at No. 1 Repatriation Centre, Lachine, and discharged on 27 July 1945. [2]

He is naturalised Canadian on 4 April 1945. He is then registered as accountant in service of the Crown and residing in Lachine, Quebec. [3]


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