Danish WW2 Pilots

LAC Vilhelm Brandt

(1900 - 1981)

Vilhelm Brandt is one of the Danes who volunteer for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. He is trained as an Armourer and serves in Canada.

Vilhelm Brandt is born on 26 September 1900 in Ullerslev, Avnede, Denmark. He is the son of Jens Brandt Hansen and Inger Hansen (née Clausen). [1]

He is in Canada from 18 August 1929 to 5 December 1930 for unknown reasons. He arrives in Quebec, Canada, once again on 8 May 1933. He gives his occupation as gardener and his destination as his brother-in-law in St. John, NB. [2]

He enlists for the Royal Canadian Air Force in Moncton on 16 November 1942 (R.201566). He is posted to No. 1 Manning Depot, Toronto, with the rank of Aircraftman 2nd Class.

On 20 January 1943 he is re-mustered as an Armourer and on 23 January 1943 he is posted to RCAF Station Mountain View. He most likely receives his initial training here.

On 16 March 1943 he is posted to No. 9 Bombing and Gunnery School, Mont Joli, Quebec, and on the day before he is appointed Aircraftman 1st Class.

On 2 July 1943 he is posted to No. 129 (F) Squadron. He is appointed Leading Aircraftman on 6 July 1943. Following a posting at No. 1 Operational Training Unit on 15 October 1943, he is back at No. 129 (F) Squadron, Gander, Newfoundland, on 1 June 1944 (Hurricane XII). The unit is disbanded on 30 September 1944.

On 30 September 1944 he is posted to No. 10 (BR) Squadron, Torbay, Newfoundland (Liberator III), where he remains until the end of hostilities.

On 14 August 1945 he is posted to RCAF Station Thunder Bay. About a month later, on 15 September 1945 he is posted to No. 2 Release Centre. He is discharged on 20 September 1945. [3]


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