Danish WW2 Pilots

Ole Mauritzen

(1916 - 2004)

Ole Mauritsen is one of the Danish B.B.C. broadcastings from London. He volunteers for the Royal Air Force to become pilot.

Ole Mauritsen is born on 15 June 1916 in Copenhagen. He is the son of district doctor J. E. Mauritsen (-1930) and Ida Mauritsen (née Trier) (-1960). He is married to Daphne La Fontaine on 18 July 1942 in Marylebone, London.

He finishes his A-levels from Sankt Jørgens Gymnasium in 1935 and is employed by the company S. Hahn's Enke from 1935-1937. He trained as stockbroker and graduates from Niels Brock's Business College in 1938. In 1938, he is employed by the family firm, Brdr. Trier, before being employed by Vivian Gray & Co in London in 1939.

Early in the war, he is a speaker on the Danish broadcastings by the B.B.C in London.

At some point, he volunteers for the Royal Air Force. At this point I have no further information on his service. He might have volunteered at about the same point as did another speaker, Jørgen Edsberg.

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