Danish WW2 Pilots

Gustav Friedrich Brodersen

(1913 - 1940)

Gustav F. Brodersen is one of two officers of the Army Air Force who are on 9 April 1940 when Luftwaffe attacks the Værløse airfield north of Copenhagen.

Gustav Friedrich Brodersen is born on 13 April 1913 in Avnbæk, near Sønderborg.

In the mid-1930's he is in national service in the Royal Guard and is appointed Korporal (corporal). On 8 May 1935, he is appointed Sergent (Sergeant) and on 8 May 1936 Oversergent (Senior sergeant).

He is accepted at the Army Air Force Flying School on 1 April 1938 at which point he is attached to 1. Livgardebatallion (1st Batallion Royal Gards). On 8 July 1938 he is transferred to observers training.

On 8 October 1938 he is posted to the Army Air Force and on 9 October 1939 he is appointed Sekondløjtnant (Pilot Officer.

On 9 April 1940 at 0510 hrs. the commanding officer at Værløse airfield is noticed by Head Quarters that German troops has occupied central military installations in Copenhagen. At 0520 hrs. Gustav F. Brodersen and pilot Wilhelm Godtfredsen take off in Fokker CV M/33 (II R) 'R-49' from the airfield. They are ordered to carry out a reconnaisance mission covering the roads from Copenhagen to Værløse. During take of they are attacked by incoming German aircraft. The aircraft is hit, bursts into flames, and crashes killing both men.

(Schøder, 2002)