Danish WW2 Pilots

Tempy Lt. Henning Valentiner

(1912 - 2001)

Henning Valentiner is one of few Danish naval pilots in the Royal Navy during the Second World War.

Henning Valentiner is born on 27 April 1912 in Gentofte outside Copenhagen. He is the son of Captain Aage Valentiner (1866-1954) and Fanny Valentiner (nee Boserup) (1877-1966). He is married on 12 October 1940 to Bente Vibeke Tersling in Holmens Kirke in Copenhagen.

Naval Officer

Henning Valentiner graduates secondary school at Ordrup Gymnasium in 1930 and joins the Danish Navy as Cadet the following yeat.

On 18 September 1935 he is promoted to Søløjtnant af 2den Grad (Second Lieutenant). In 1935 he is trained as observer in the Danish Naval Air Service. He is promoted to Søløjtnant af 1ste Grad (First Lieutenant) on 11 September 1936.

He is trained as pilot in 1938 and in the following years he is attached air as well as sea units. He is promoted to Kaptajnløjtnant (Lieutenant Captain) on 1 October 1940.

On 29 August 1943 the Danish Government is dissolved and the policy of cooperation is officially abandoned. The Danish armed forces is dissolved.

Leaving Denmark and Joining the Royal Navy

On 27 October 1943 Henning Valentiner is transported to Sweden to become attached to the Acting Military and Marine Attachés in Stockholm from 17 November 1943. He remains in this position until he is transferred to England by aircraft from Bromma to RAF Station Leuchars in Scotland on 4 May 1944.

On 13 May to 24 June 1944 he is trained at the Royal Naval College, Greeenwich. He is appointed Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Reserve.

From 25 June to 31 August 1944 he is posted to No. 780 Squadron for a conversion course. Completing this course he is posted to No. 782 Squadron, Royal Navy; a communication squadron based at R.N. Air Station, Donibristle.

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