Danish WW2 Pilots

Arne Svensson

(1912 - n.a. )

Arne Svensson was born on 21 June 1912. He joins the army and is trained as a pilot. He get his wings in 1934 (pilot's certificate 157/34). He is then korporal (corporal) in the army, 7th Artillery Unit. On 9 October 1936, he is appionted sergent (Sergeant). In 1938-39, he obtains certificate as commercial and transport pilot (Clauson Kaas, 1943).

He is among the military pilots who volunteers for Luftwaffe service in 1941. According to Knud Erik Ravnskov's letters, Svensson arrives at Reichüberprufungsstelle Penzlau for the initial tests no later than 4 November 1941 (Ravnskov, 2002). He is believed to have failed to meet the criteria to become Luftwaffe pilot and was never in active service (Ancker, 2001).