Danish WW2 Pilots

Prince Jacques de Bourbon de Parma

(1922 - 1964)

Although French by birth, Prince Jacques de Bourbon-Parma joined the Royal Norwegian Air Force during the Second World War. Son of Danish Princess Marguerite, he lived a large part of his life in Denmark, and is therefore included here.

Prince Jacques de Bourbon-Parma is born on 9 June 1922 in Longwy, France. He is the son of Prince René of Bourbon-Parma (1894-1962) and Princess Marguerite of Denmark (1895-1992). He is French citizen. At the outbreak of war, the family lives in France.

They escape occupied France, and according to the New York Passenger Lists, Prince Jacques arrives in New York from Lisbon, Portugal, on-board the SS EXCALIBUR on 5 October 1940. The documents indicate that the Danish Consulate in Paris has been involved in the travel arrangements, and the Danish Consulate General in Ney York is recorded as his destination.

Trained as Pilot in the Royal Norwegian Air Force

He volunteers for and is accepted by the Royal Norwegian Air Force and is trained as pilot in camp “Little Norway”, Canada. I have as yet no further information on his service.

Prince Jacques never sees operational service during the war, as it ends too soon for him to join the Norwegian forces in occupied Europe.

After the war

Prince Jacques returns to Denmark in 1945 and he is, for some years, pilot in Det danske Luftfartselskab (Danish Airlines). This is the case for a number of former RAF/RNAF pilots.

On 5 November 1964 he is tragically killed in a car accident outside Roskilde, Denmark.

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