Danish WW2 Pilots

Sgt Carl Mehrens Larsen Winge

(1900 - n.a. )

Carl Mehrens Larsen Winge is born on 16 October 1900 in Esbjerg, Denmark. He is the son of Anders Care Larsen and Emilie Marie Larsen (née Winge). [1]

He enlists for the Royal Australian Air Force on 26 May 1942 in Sydney. He is then living in Campsie. He is discharged on 28 November 1946 at which point he is attatched to No. 3 School of Technical Training holding the rank of Sergeant. [2]

Carl Mehrens Larsen Winge applies for naturalization in 1942. [3]

He is listed in the Australian Electoral Rolls, 1901-1954 in 1949. [4]


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