Danish WW2 Pilots

Mogens Frits Fensbo

(1909 - n.a. )

Mogens Frits Fensbo is one of the Danes who volunteer for the Finnish Air Force during the Winter War.

Mogens Frits Fensbo is born on 22 February 1909 in Frederiksberg. He is the son (twin) of Julius Marius Arnold and Julie Frederikke Kristine Fensbo (née Funch). In 1963 he changes his name to Funch-Fensbo. [1]

He joins the Army Air Corps before the Second Wold War. He is trained as pilot and gets his wings as early as in 1933 (pilot's certificate 129/33). He later works as commercial pilot. [2]

Volunteers for the Finish Air Force

When Finland enters the Winter War in November 1939, Mogens Fensbo volonters for the Finnish Air Force. He is among other duties engaged in ferrying Gloster Gladiators from Sweden to Finland. He is accompanied by Knud Clauson Kaas.

The two pilots are then transferred to Lentolaivue 28 (Flying Squadron 28) on Morane-Saulniers 406 engaged in the air defences of the South-Western cities. As the Russians advance and the situation becomes desperate the squadron takes part in offensive operations as well. He is credited with one aerial victory flying this aircraft. [3]


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