Danish WW2 Pilots

Alf Aggersbøl

(1917 - n.a. )

One of a number of Danish officers enlisting for Luftwaffe in 1941, Alf Aggersbøl apparently fails to be accepted for active service. He returns to the Army Air Corps.

Alf Aggersbøl was born on 24 September 1917. He joins the army and is trained as pilot in 1939 (pilot's certificate 237/39). He is appointed Sekondløjtnant (Pilot Officer) on 9 October 1940.

On 8 July 1941, an announcement from the Ministry of War permits commissioned officers of the Danish armed forces to volunteer for Freikorps Denmark. A number of Danish officers enlist; Alf Aggersbøl is believed to be one of these.

According to Knud Erik Ravnskov's letters, Aggersbøl arrives at Reichüberprufungsstelle Penzlau for the initial tests no later than 4 November 1941 (Ravnskov, 2002). He is believed to have failed to meet the criteria to become Luftwaffe pilot and was never in active service (Ancker, 2001).

After the war, Aggersbøl is in service in the newly formed Royal Danish Air Force. On 6 June 1953, he is appointed Flyverløjtnant-II (Pilot Officer) and on 1 June 1954 he is transferred to the reserves (HfF, 1955).