Danish WW2 Pilots

Adolf Georg Karl Jessen

(1911 - 1969)

Adolf Georg Karl Jessen is trained as pilot before the war. He fights in the Winter War, but is imprisoned for espíonage shortly after the return. He escapes to Sweden and is attached to DANFORCE.

Adolf Georg Karl Jessen is born on 11 January 1911.

Trained as pilot

He is accepted to the Army Air Force Flying School in 1937 and is trained as pilot receiving his wings in 1937 (pilot's certificate 203/37). He is posted to the Army Air Force.

The Winter War

In February 1940, he goes to Finland with a number of other pilots to defend the Nordic contry in the Winter War.

Escape from prison and to Sweden and DANFORCE

In December 1940, returned to Denmark he is arrested suspected of espionage against Germany and is sentenced 14 years in prison. In September 1944 he escapes and eventually reaches Sweden in January 1945. Here he is accepted in the the airforce of DANFORCE, the Danish Brigade in Sweden during 1944-45. Though equipped and trained, the force was never in combat and returned to Denmark 12 May 1945 by train.

At the Liberation

He re-joins the Army Air Force after the war. From May 1945, A.K.G. Jessen is attached to No. 4 Squadron, 8403 Disarmament Wing, as liaison officer in Beldringe Airfield an Funen.

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