Danish WW2 Pilots

Jørgen Edsberg

(n.a. - 1946)

Jørgen Edsberg is part of the Danish team of broadcasters in BBC at the beginning of the war. He wishes to take a more active part in the war and volunteers for the Royal Air Force. He survives the war, but is killed in a tragic accident in April 1946.

Jørgen Edsberg is educated as journalist and works as news reporter for the Danish Broadcasting Company and the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende before the war. He is the presenter of the first B.B.C. broadcast to the newly occupied Denmark from London on 9 April 1940 (FLYV, 9.1945).

Volunteers for the Royal Air Force

At some point he volunteers for Royal Air Force and is trained as pilot (RAFVR, 135758). He is attached to the Royal Air Force Transport Command as ferry pilot delivering aircraft across the Atlantic. Later in the war he is flying instructor. He ends the war as Flight Lieutenant.

Following the liberation, Jørgen Edsberg is liaison officer for Royal Air Force in B.160 Copenhagen/Kastrup for some time. He is then employed by the company Scan-Aviation as flying instructor.

A Fatal Accident

On 22 April 1946 Jørgen Edsberg is participating in a film recording. He is performing aerobatics in a Miles Magister while filmed from an Auster J/I Autocrat piloted by former Royal Norwegian Air Force pilot Erik Gregers-Olsen (aka Erik Infeldt). The two aircraft collide, the Magister crashes to the ground and Jørgen Edsberg is killed instantly. Erik Gregers-Olsen manages to make a emergency landing rescuing himself and the photographer.

According to CWGC he is then attached to Royal Air Force’s unit 100 P.D.G. T.C.C.

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