Danish WW2 Pilots

2nd Ltt. Palle Thomsen


331 Sqn


Spitfire IX L.F. (FN-N)




16:45 -18:00


D.D.881. Armed recce in area ARNHEM-ALMELO-DORSTEN-VENLO. 331 Sqdr. operating in sections of 2 a/c on the above operation carried out 40 individual sorties during this day. A fair amount of road and rail movement was located and attacked, resulting in the following bag: 2 Met destroyed, 10 plus TRGE [?] and railway station strafed. 7 Met damaged. 1 A.F.V. damaged. 1 M/C with side carr destroyed, Driver killed. 2 H.D.V. damaged. 10 soldiers strafed, many casualties. The first section saw no movement at all, partly due to bad visibility, but weather improved later and the remainder sections all got some sort of enemy transport to their credit. At some places flak was intense and one of our a/c got a 20 mm through its wing. The pilot, however, was unhurt and returned safely to base. The operation was carried out until 18.00 hrs. when the last section landed and the squadron was released shortly after.


AIR 27/1726


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