Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS395 (AH-M)




16:50 -18:25


Circus 309. 10 Spitfire IX's, - Target support to Mitchells bombing Flushing – led by Capt. From R. took off toether with 331 (N) Squadron, led by Major H.Mehre D.F.C. The English coast was crossed at Bradwell Bay and course was set for Walcheren keeping at sea level until 1719 hours. Walcheren was reached at approx. 1730 hours with 332 on top at 22,000 feet. A starboard orbit was made […] over Flushing and following the coast down to Knocke. During this orbit the Wing lost height to 15-17,000 feet. At Knocke course was set for base climbing to just below "blower-height". When 10-15 miles off the English coast between Felixstowe and Clacton, A Mitchell was seen to go into the sea. Several Spitfires were orbiting the spot. Some marker flak(green) was seen in the West Kapelle area and flak in the Knocke area before the Wing arrived. No shipping was seen. Weather:- Numerous layers of cloud from 6 to 30,000 feet all of 3-5/10. Visibility good. The Squadron had landed by 1825 hours.


The Mitchell refered to above was 180 Squadron Mitchell II (FL198 EV-) that was hit by flak and ditched. Sgt. ALH Dobbie (inj), F/S LB Whiteside (safe), F/S AW Wood (+) and Sgt E Walters (inj). Survivors saved by an ASR launch (Chorley,


AIR 27/1728


As the a/c flown for this operation are not recorded in the ORB, BS395 is indicated here, because it was the usual a/c for Rønhof during these weeks.

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