Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IXc , BS248 (AH-O)




11:35 -13:00


Circus 296. 12 aircraft of this Squadron, led by Major Thorsager F. took off together with 331 (N) Squadron on this operation. The Wing was going to act as 4th Fighter Echelon to six Michells attacking Boulogne Marshalling Yards. Having climbed to 10,000 feet over base, the Wing set course for North Foreland where the coast was crossed at 25,000 feet. This Squadron was flying on top with 331(N) Squadron slightly ahead and below. The Wing continued to climb whilst crossing the Channel and the French coast was crossed at 28,000 feet over Mardyck. St. Omer was reached at 30,000 feet. As e/a were reported in the Cap Gris Nez area, the Wing turned in this direction and was taken over by Appledore Control. Nothing was seen and the Wing turned back towards St. Omer – still at 30,000 feet. North of St. Omer a number of e/a were sighted flying South 6-7,000 feet below. 331(N) Squadron went down to attack whilst this Squadron stayed above as cover owing to high flying e/a being reported in the area. 331 (N) Squadron had several engagements and destroyed 2 F.W.190's. This Squadron stayed above as cover at 27,000 feet throughout the combats, and returned to base when they saw the combats had ceased – crossing the French coast West of Calais at 26,000 feet. They landed without further incident. No shipping was seen and no flak experienced. Weather: Mainly clear over whole area with good visibility.


AIR 27/1728


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