Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS249 (AH-R)




17:45 -19:25


Ramrod 64. 11 aircraft of this Squadron , led by Major Thorsager, took off from North Weald with 331(N) Squadron on this operation. W/Cdr. P.G. Jameson D.S.O., D.F.C., flying with the latter, was leading the Wing. The English coast was crossed at Bradwell below 500 feet and course was set for Blankenberghe. The Wing remained at sea level for 16 minutes and then started climbing. The Belgian coast was crossed over Blankenberghe at 1828 hours with the Wing flyin at 17,000 feet. The W/Cdr. Had to return at this time as he was unable to release his jettison tank. Major Maehre D.F.C., 331(N) Squadron leader took over the Wing. Continuing to climb, the Wing swept over Bruges and Dimaude which they reached at 26,000 feet. 8 e/a were then observed flying inland at same height. The a/c were not identified and disappeared into haze as soon as they had been seen. The Wing recrossed the coast near Dunkirk at 30,000 feet. An orbit to port was then made bringing the Wing a few miles inland before recrossing the coast near Mardyck. Course was now set for base where the Wing had landed by 1930 hours without further incident. No shipping was seen and no flak experienced. The weather was mainly clear but hazy articularly to the South. Visibility good.


AIR 27/1728


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