Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IXc , BS248 (AH-O)




11:40 -13:35


Rodeo 172. 12 aircraft of this Squadron took off from North Weald, led by Major F. Thorsager, together with 331(N) Squadron. Course was set from base for Blankenberghs at zero feet. After flying on the deck for 20 minutes, the Wing climbed and crossed the Dutch coast at 15,000 feet. Still climbing, the Wing swept over Bergen op Zoom with 331(N) Squadron at 22,000 feet and this Squadron 2,000 feet above and slightly behind. Coming out North of Walcheren, e/a were reported inland. The Wing turned South to et up sun and recrossed the coast near Ostend. E/a were reported East of the Wing at 25,000 feet, and the Win climbed so as the bottom Squadron reached 25,000 feet and made a wide orbit overland. As Win came out near Ostende, 3/4 aircraft were seen to the North but too far away. The Wing now had to set course for base owing to the length of time that it had been airborne. The English coast was recrossed near N.Foreland and the Squadron had landed by 1340 hours. No flak were experienced. 4 Ships of 1-2,000 tons were seen in Knocke-one of the ships was just leaving harbour. 4 barges towed by an ocean going tug were seen coming out of the South end of canal approx. Lat. 51-26' North, Long. 4-01' East. One tanker between Schouwen and Tholen. Weather:- England, Channel and Belgian coast – clear 10/10ths cloud at 3,000 feet over France and Belgium. Visibility very good.


AIR 27/1728


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