Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS395 (AH-M)




15:20 -16:50


12 aircraft of this Squadron, led by W/Cdr. P.G: Jameson D.S.C, D.F.C., took off together with 331(N)Squadron. 2/Lt. M. Eriksen D.F.M. was flying with 331(N)Squadron. The English coast was crossed near Bradwell at 1530 hours with the Wing flying at sea level. Having kept on "the deck" for 18 minutes, the Wing had started to climb to reach a point 30 miles W. of Flushing. Six minutes after the Wing started to climb, smoke trails were seen in or above a thin layer of cloud, to the North of Walcheren Island. When going to the North of Walcheren, flak was observed in the Knocke area as the Thunderbolts were apparently going out. The Wing continued to climb and swept round the back of Walcheren reaching 25,000 feet with this Squadron on the bottom. When East of Flushing operations answered on request that there where e/a in the area. Just as the Wing had turned to starboard and left Knoche behind, 10-12 e/a were seen approaching from in front and below, climbing towards this Wing. These e/a were F.W. 190's. This Squadron positioned for attack. At this time some 12 e/a probably all M.E. 109 F/G's dived on the Wing from above thin cloud. The Wing was now at 26-27,000 feet and there was a thin cloud layer at 30,000 feet. The Wing broke into sections. Most of the pilots of this Squadron fired their guns and cannons during combat which developed and the following claims are made (See attached reports).


AIR 27/1728


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