Danish WW2 Pilots

Ltn. Kjeld Rønhof


332 Sqn


Spitfire IX , BS398 (AH-N)




14:45 -16:20


Rodeo 133. Major W.Mohr D.F.C. led this Squadron to take part in Rodeo 133 together with 331(N) Squadron - W/Cdr P.G.Jameson D.F.C. was leading the Wing. The English coast was crossed at 26,000 feet over North Foreland. After crossing the French coast, the Wing had to drop to below cloud layers- 5/10ths at 24,000 feet. The operation was carried out as planned passing over Mardyck, Ypres, and going out near Ostende. The English coast was recrossed near Southend. No enemy aircraft had been seen. 12 aircraft from this Squadron on a Air Sea Rescue patrol in search of Capt. Sem of 331(N) Squadron, missing from operations on 12-12-42. The Squadron made one large orbit to starboard crossing the English coast East of Dungeness and recrossing near Beachy Head. Then a smaller orbit was made crossing and recrossing the coast in approx. the same points. Nothing was seen during these two orbits, which were made at sea level. The squadron then climbed and set course to Cap Gris Nez reaching 14-16,000 feet and when a few miles off the French coast the Squadron turned to port and set course for base. There was nothing to report from this patrol.


Air 27/1728


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